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The Nate's Take podcast was created out of Nate's passion for sports.

The show debuted on iTunes on November 18th, 2015. It has seen periodic changes with it's most recent and permanent change coming in May of 2016. The show is now twenty minutes with three segments. It contains an open, middle, and end. The first two segments contain mind-stimulating sports talk while the final segment contains mail bag questions from listeners of the show or a segment called Card of the Day. On shows that contain a guest, the middle segment is dedicated to them and the length of show extends to forty minutes.

Nate's Take is broadcast on Nate's home network called the LEEIB Sports Network (LSN) which is named after the former LEEIB blog that Nate used to Publish. Nate writes and produces his own show and he has licences with his current audio provider. The audio heard on the show is produced in Valencia, Spain and in parts of the United States.

Inspiring Mind-Stimulating Sports Talk