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  • Nate Rossetti

Announcing the Put Forth Campaign!

Since 2011, I have used the Life & Everything Else In Between (LEEIB) platform as a way to give back to both the local and expanded community through sponsorships, donations, and fundraising efforts. In 2015, when I decided it was time to close the LEEIB blog, I continued to use the Nate's Take platform as a place to give back.

Through the Nathan's Team campaign, I aimed to find unique ways through sports to make community donations. I did so through segments that promoted giving such as the Kid's Cancer Buzz Off (NFL/XFL picks), The Make A Wish Foundation (Card of the Day), and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (50, 75, 100 HOPE), to name a few. In 2021, it became apparent that the Nathan's Team phrase had become irrelevant. The name was created as part of the original LEEIB In the Community program in 2013 as a way to bring bloggers into the conversation of giving back. It really plays no part in what it was being used for today.

Moving forward, as we approach our 6th season, I'm excited to announce that our community efforts will now be focused on small donations; and the promotion of those donations 'to bring into action' and create an effort of encouragement for other podcasters to make meaningful contributions to charitable organizations. The Put Forth campaign will be the hub of Nate's Take donations.

I plan to continue to use my podcast as a way to incorporate sports in charitable contributions to organizations such as the Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off, an organization that I have donated over $1,000 to since 2013. The Put Forth campaigns motto 'to bring into action' aims to prove that small donations over time create big impacts that last a lifetime.