Nate's Take News
  • Nate Rossetti


It's been a while!

I have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic relatively well but it obviously took a toll on my show. This year, I put my focus in both re-inventing and maintaining the LEEIB Sports & Music Network. As you might recall, we downgraded our stream and came very close to closing up shop last April. In May, I found ways to reinvent the network, get our shows back on the air, and apply for and receive a full music license from ASCAP! It surely was an unexpected turn as was COVID-19 when it hit last March.

While I was working behind the scenes to keep our network on the air, I ended up shutting down Nate's Take after only three episodes to make for a very shortened season five. Although season five was cut short, I've made a commitment to return for a full season six!

Over the last few weeks, I've been working with our partners to secure extensions through 2022. That means through March 31st of 2022 our current shows, 3 Count Thursday, Huddle Up, 4th Line Hockey Podcast, Getting Sports With Drunk, and Scotch Sporting will continue to air either on replay or live on select dates. The most noteworthy extension is that of 3 Count Thursday and Huddle Up which agreed to expanded agreements which should help in not only promoting the network but providing new exposure and growth! 3 Count Thursday is our most tuned into show.

With all of these changes and the task of locking up our music license for another year in June, come fall I'll be ready to hit the airwaves with more inspiring mind-stimulating sports talk!

You're probably wondering what happened to the Card of the day and NFL picks donations from 2020? Although I cut the season short, I did not forget about my community obligations. In fact, I'm in the process of revamping my community efforts through expansion of the LEEIB Community program. By expanding that program, I expect to fully combine Nathan's Team and LEEIB Community by December of 2021. That means that eventually, everything will fall under LEEIB Community. In expanding the LEEIB Community program, I've brought back exciting promotions of the past such as LEEIB Community Day, also known as Community Donation day. On Community Day, I make small donations to several charitable organizations under the motto "every little bit counts." I believe that it's important to give and by making small donations we can make big impacts! In January, I shaved my head for Kid's with pediatric cancer while making a $100 donation to One Mission in February. I also contributed $25 to the Make A Wish Foundation of Vermont for Card of the day.

When the show returns in the Fall, I plan to continue both NFL picks and Card of the day. For every correct NFL pick during season six, I will donate $1 to help support children with pediatric cancer. Our Card of the day donation will continue to go towards the Make A Wish Foundation, and I plan to do 50, 75, 100 HOPE which is a promotion that takes one NFL running back in October and turns yards to dollars to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Thank you for your support!