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  • Nate Rossetti

Healthy Lifestyle Change

Well everyone, I’ve spent the last few months changing my lifestyle, making healthy choices, and putting in the work to make a world of change in my own life. If you follow, you know some of the story.

In the Fall, I put on weight (a lot), I was depressed, I was sleeping all the time, and I really didn’t have any motivation to do anything. I hated a lot about life for a period of time. I would come home from work and just crash on the couch—pretty much everyday. When I built the ice rink this winter, I basically tried to use that as motivation to get out and about and it worked for a little while until I realized how terrible I was once back on the ice. I was slow, clearly not what I used to be, and it was just depressing.

When I went to the doctor for my annual, I found out I had high cholesterol (LDL). The conversation was basically, “you can keep going the way you’re going and eventually have to be on medicine the rest of your life or you’re young enough to reverse the course..”

I kind of went home depressed after that. Well, not kind of, I was and I knew what I had to do but still couldn’t find the motivation to do it and clearly this was affecting everything in my life—from my performance at my job to my work around the house at home. I just turned into the person I always said I wouldn’t be.

Finally, one day I said enough is enough. I started by fixing a lingering shoulder issue. In August of last year I tore muscles in my back and tore my labrum in my left shoulder and did nothing about it. I would come home from work with headaches, pains running up my kneck and down my shoulder and just try to sleep it away. I finally started to go to PT to fix the problem. I went for two days a week for several months while at the same time researching good nutrition and trying to implement those changes to my life.

I started walking each night. I would walk half hour to an hour and I did that for about a month before walking turned into some jogging and jogging turned into running. Slowly, I learned how to count calories and make healthy choices. Not soon after, I started seeing results. 163 became 160 and 160 became 158, 155, 150, 145, etc until I hit 141.2 where I am now.

I’ve been running miles most everyday. I started out at about half mile, increased to a mile which at the time seemed so hard, eventually I started to do two miles, then three!

The truth is, life can bring you down. But, we can find ways to make a comeback. We can always find ways to better ourselves. I went from a very dark place to one of the best places I’ve ever been in life and it didn’t take a whole lot of time. But, it took will, and it took me forcing myself to not give up. I’m enjoying days with kids and not coming home to crash on the couch, and most of all I’m taking care of my needs and continuing to work on myself.

In two weeks, I will compete in two 5ks. First, I’m going to compete in the virtual UVM Wellness Environment 5K and second, I’m going to compete in one of Vermont’s oldest races, the Paul Mailman 10 miler and 5K. That race is in person! I’m also on the waitlist for the Shelburne 5K, also in person. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement, but I’ll tell you this.. I’m excited about it. I haven’t competed in anything since high school. I’ve been training and I believe I’m ready to prove to myself that I can still compete and be competitive.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading. #natesrunningadventure