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Race Day! 4/24/21

Well, I did it!

I raced Montpelier this morning with the Central Vermont Runners and they certainly pushed me to be my best!

I didn’t sleep much the night before, I was nervous/excited just thinking about the race and how I might do with competition.

I arrived to Montpelier around 0715 this morning and started my warmup routine. I talked with some of the runners, asked some questions about the course, and stretched. Despite my knee, I just felt ready to go. The sun was shining, the temp was near 50, and I just had laser focus.

My wave started at the twelve minute mark and I hung with the top two the whole race. At the start of the second mile my knee started to flare up but I just felt I wasn’t going to be denied. My ear piece was in and Eye of the tiger was rolling and I started to get stronger as I slowly slipped away from the guy in front of me. I ended up catching him before he pulled away on the final stretch. It was Hulk Hogans “Real American” that came on in the ear piece and sent me cruising down the stretch. I finished third in my wave! We’ll find out the official race results later today but I finished with an estimated time of 24:11 7:48/mile—hands down my best time yet! I blew the old time out of the water and I have the competition to thank for that! Those times are according to my watch tracker so we’ll wait for the official times to come out later today. Regardless, they won’t be off by more than a few seconds.

Right now? I’m feeling pretty good. I feel like “I’m back.” That’s an old school Nate Rossetti mile time right there. My knee? Well, that needs some rest. My mood? Ecstatic!

I did it!

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