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Race Day! 07/04/21

I finished Bridgton 121 of 923 with a chip time of 28:45, 7:12 pace. Great race despite the rain but a lot of fun!

Post I made leading up to the race:

Today's Update: June 30, 2021

It's been a while since I posted one of these but I figured it was time with a big race coming up on Sunday in my home state of Maine! I've been on the road a bit since my vacation began last week. We went to Lake George, NY for four days and this morning I made the trek to Maine. I'll be staying here for the next thirteen nights and in that time I have two races.

In New York, I spent two mornings training. I ran a 5.5 mile last Saturday morning and followed it up with a 6.5 mile around Hadlock Pond on Monday. Legs felt good, knee felt good, and much of the runs were hills so it was good practice for Bridgton.

We returned to Vermont on Tuesday and this morning I got up at 5am and did an out and back on Severance Hill road. That will be my last big run until the race. I may run a mile or so Friday just to keep my body prepared but I plan to take tomorrow and Saturday completely off.

The race in Bridgton will be a tough race, certainly the toughest yet on my schedule. I've been doing my homework on it and it's certainly not going to be easy. This is a very popular race, one of the top races in New England according to New England Runner Magazine and it attracts runners from all over the country. The expected field for this race is between 1,200-1,500 runners! For me, it's the longest distance I've run competitively and it will incorporate the largest hills. My training run this morning was a 4 miler up and down Severance hill. I ran it in 30:36 at a pace of 7:38. Down Red Village to Severance hill I ran a 7:43 and up Severance hill on mile two I ran 8:34 followed by 7:06 down and 7:10 on mile four. To put that in perspective, if that were a 5K, it'd be in the range of 23 minutes. They plan to group the fastest runners in the front and they base it on your previous races. I suspect that I'll be in the first two waves because I've done well. I won't find out until Saturday but not being familiar with this course, it will be interesting to see if competitively my body can figure it out and adjust to the additional mile. There are rolling hills on miles 2 and 3 followed by a mile and half down hill. That's what worries me... downhill. With such a large field, the competition level will be high. There will be some elite runners running this race. The top twenty will easily run this thing on a 5/6 minute pace. My goal is to run between a 6:50-7:10 pace and place somewhere in the top 200. If I can do that, I'll be extremely happy!

The other cool thing about this race is my family will be involved. On Saturday, when I pick up my bib and figure out my starting placement, my kids will take part in a Kid's run! Lily and Julian will run a mile and both are extremely excited about it! So, I'm looking forward a fun weekend of running!

A week after this race, I'll return to 5K action in Windham, ME! But, before we look forward to that one, my focus remains on Bridgton.

Wish me luck! #natesrunningadventure