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  • Nate Rossetti

Race Day! 6/19/21

Well, I completed another goal and I must say I even shocked myself with this one. After I hit my goal in Colchester to place top ten, I made it my goal to place in the top five. I went into today with the mindset of, OK, I’m going to try real hard for a time of 22 and change. I felt like I got porked at Colchester because of the length of their course and my time registered 22:56 while there’s registered 23:03. So, I wanted to get an official 22 minutes. This was an important race too because it’s part of the Race Vermont series, a series I plan to compete in all races. So, after Shelburne and the rolled ankle, I really wanted to do well healthy.

I started off as I planned, middle of the pack, just trying to get a feel for the course and some rhythm. Once I had a feel, I started pushing it and my heart rate continued to rise. I began making my passes and much to my surprise, there were hills on the course! None were advertised and because I’ve been training on hills I think it helped. I started passing people going up the hills and never really turned back. By mile two, I was with the leaders and quarter mile before the finish I took sole control of second place. The winner was unbelievable, pacing at 5:45. I paced at 7:02 with a 7:08 start and under 6 minute finish. I didn’t hit 22 minutes on my chip time, I hit 21:47!!! Holy crap. Couldn’t believe it.

The course was great and I applaud Race Vermont for all the work. They put together a hell of a race. Great refreshment and awards ceremony at the end. Attached are some photos from the event and a video of them calling my name. I won a block of Cabot Cheese! It’s litteraly a block, red brick size!

Final result: 2nd of 84, 21:47, 7:02/pace