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  • Nate Rossetti

Race Day! 6/5/2021

Well, I finally had that race I’ve been hoping for! I woke up at 4:20am, felt good, packed my bag and cooler and headed to Colchester. The two hour trip was peaceful with no other cars on the road and I just had a good feeling about the day!

When I got to Airport Park where the race was held, I found a good spot in the shade and started in on my stretching and warm up jogs after getting dressed and putting on my shoes. For the first time in a competitive race, I switched from Ghosts to Glycerins. It paid dividends!

The gun went off at 8:19am, I was in wave three which means two other waves started before me. I knew it was going to be a good day when I started off strong and caught up to members of the second wave before the mid point. I’d been waiting for a race where I wasn’t fighting against my own body and dealing with injury, this was it! I passed a lot of runners on the course and felt as I was getting stronger I didn’t have to hold back. In the past, other than Shelburne, there comes a point I need to slow up because of my knee. Not today. There was no slowing up, I passed the midway point out on the water off the causeway and continued to catch runners from the second wave and then the first! I would just pick a runner and make it a goal to make a pass, and I continued to do that until the end. I texted Erin after the race with my time from my own watch which was a bit better than my final time. I knew I had to have placed top ten and I did!

I finished 8th overall and 1st in my age group with a time of 23:03! That’s a personal best!

I repped The Kids Cancer Buzz Off today wearing this years Buzz for kids shirt!

The next race is Basin Harbor on June 19th!